Veterinary forum for sustainability

As animal health personnel we wish to increase awareness and knowledge of how we can contribute to sustainable business. We are passionately committed to taking care of the environment, natural diversity and the climate. Taking care of these principles is essential for good living conditions for nature, people and the economy on our planet.

We concider good health and welfare for people and animals as a duty for animal health personnel. Environmental protection is also a legally required element of our mission, but this often comes second to other tasks. 

VetKraft wants to promote «green» ways of thinking and acting, approaching the food industry, animal owners, other target groups and our own professional practice.

VetKraft is an arena for information, discussion and action. 

The result depends on the participants. 

We are not a member organisation, but if you do your bit, you can strengthen the influence of the contribution from our profession.


We hope that you will find useful information and inspiration regarding efforts for nature and the climate!


Why are we as animal health personnel involved?

Read about the consequences of climate change and loss of nature – from a veterinary point of view here.

«Every person has the right to an environment that is conducive to health and to a natural environment whose productivity and diversity are maintained. Natural resources shall be  managed on the basis of comprehensive long-term considerations which will safeguard this  right for future generations as well.
In order to safeguard their right in accordance with the foregoing paragraph, citizens are entitled to information on the state of the natural environment and on the effects of any  encroachment on nature that is planned or carried out.
The authorities of the state shall take measures for the implementation of these principles.»

The Animal Health Personnel Act states that it is our obligation to get involved when the health and welfare of people and animals is threatened. The ongoing climate change and predation on nature threatens the basis of life and the health of people and animals.

VetKraft therefore want to be visible and contribute towards the debate in our society. We will describe the challenges we face – seen from a veterinarian’s perspective, as well as propose solutions. We want to inform politicians and influence public opinion, and contribute to solutions. We will give animal health personnel increased knowledge and the opportunity to take action in their own everyday life. What is challenging in our work, and what can we do about it?

VetKraft aspires to be a link between society and resources within the veterinary profession. We hope that everyone who seeks knowledge and practical advice, will find useful information and thus contribute to sustainable development.

VetKraft is so far a loosely defined group of committed veterinarians and veterinary students. Among us, we have qualified resources within aquaculture, production animals, companion animals, horses, veterinary community medicine (one health, food safety, etc.) and animal welfare. Animal caretakers and biologists specializing in fish health, who are also covered by the Animal Health Personnel Act, are invited to get involved. This veterinary sustainability forum has developed from the Vets’ climate action, Veterinærenes klimaaksjon, which took place in 2021.  

VetKraft seeks to influence and assist the Norwegian Veterinary Association (DNV) and its special associations, NMBU Veterinary College, and others. We are prepared to collaborate with the industry regarding more sustainable strategies. We arrange seminars / webinars and participate in petitions and movements. The forum is politically independent.

We are inspired by, among others, Vet Sustain

Want to get involved? Get in touch!